Brotherhood Band is back!!!

Brotherhood is back and playing in Culver City in October 2015. Please check out the calendar section for the gig information. Hope to see you there so come by and have a good time dancing and say "hello" to the band members!!

The Moe Reyes Band

Hello everyone, The Moe Reyes Band will be making it's debut on July 11, 2014 at the Santa Monica Moose Lodge located at 1600 Ocean Park Blvd. Santa Monica, CA. This is Jose Reyes' side project which he is very excited about and they will be playing from 9pm to 12:30am that night. Cover is only $5.00 so come on down to hear some Santana, Blues, R&B, Doo Wop, and Latin.

We are back!!

Hello everyone!! It's been a while but we are back in action and looking to play as many gigs as we can. We have two new members in the band. Alex Loyola on bass and Roman Kancelpolski on drummers. Both are very seasoned professionals who are "bringing it" as part of the Brotherhood rhythm section. We look forward to seeing you all at the gigs. God Bless you all!!

Bass player for Tierra Steve Falomir passed away 1/21/12

I am still in shocked over the recent passing of Steve Falomir who was a pivotal part of Tierra's success as he held down the bottom playing bass. We, the members of the Brotherhood Band, would like to send out our prayers to the Falomir family and the Tierra family. We had just played with them on Dec. 17,2011 and had the chance to talk to him. He will be sorely missed by the lovers of good music and especially by all the Tierra fans. Rest in peace Steve and may God have mercy on your soul. Thank you for the music!!

Great time jamming with Tierra!

Hey everyone, We had a blast opening up for one of my favorite groups "Tierra" at the SM Moose Lodge in Santa Monica. It was a sold out show and a lot of Brotherhood fans showed up to support the event. We all had a great time and hope to do it again soon!! I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

September 24, 2011 Brotherhood gig at the Santa Monica Moose

Rehearsal went well last week. Jeff, our new drummer, is not only talented as a drummer but has an excellent personality to match. We are very happy with his skills!! Tonight is our second rehearsal and last one before the gig. We hope to have a good turn out this Saturday night and that everyone enjoys themselves. We will be featuring our new partner also "DJ Raul" who will be spinning all types of music that I know will keep the party going strong. We are excited about getting the band going again and we hope to get out there and gig as much as possible, especially in our back yard the Westside!!!

New drummer for Brotherhood

We are very excited about our new drummer Jeff Fish. Come on out on September 24th and check him out and say hello to him!

Brotherhood rehearsals

Rehearsal time is finally here. It's going to be nice catching up with everyone and getting down to the business of making music. We are excited about playing again and hope to get a great turn out for the dance at the SM Moose on September 24, 2011. It's going to be a fun time!!

Brotherhood rehearsal tonight getting ready to hit the road

Well, rehearsal time is finally here. I have several new members and some that are auditioning tonight. I have faith that everything will go well. It's not enough to get musician's with musical talent but there needs to be good chemistry and a good attitude in the band because we will be working very closely together and we all need to be going the same direction. I will let you all know how the rehearsal went and give you details of our first gig in late May 2011. I am very excited and can't wait!!

Brotherhood ready to rehearse

Just to let you all know that Brotherhood is rehearsing for a possible "Cinco de Mayo" gig so stay tuned!!

Guitarist Gary Moore dies!

Gary Moore, Irish guitar player, passed away yesterday Feb.6, 2011 while on vacation in Spain. If you don't know who he is then do yourself a favor and get some of his cds. He influenced me as a guitar player and I learned so much from playing along with his cds and jamming some of his songs. What a talented individual and a great loss for all who love guitar music. God bless his children and his family.

Bobby Espinosa's Memorial Service

I attended Bobby Espinosa's memorial service this past weekend. It was a very nice service with the church filled to capacity. It was a "who's who" of ELA musicians and other musicians who were influenced by El Chicano. It was awesome to be around all of these great musicians whose records I bought when I was young and learned to play the guitar by listening to the records. I was able to catch up with my friend and mentor Rudy Salas, leader of the group Tierra. After the service, we went to Steven's steak house and got the chance to see members of El Chicano and Tierra pay Bobby Espinosa a musical tribute. What a special time and what better way to remember Bobby. I will remember that and I will remember the words spoken by the priest who conducted the service, also a musician from back in the day, who asked all the musicians present to "keep the music alive." That's right, we need to keep our music alive and that is why I am working on putting "Brotherhood" together again. Look out here we come better than ever!!

Bobby Espinosa of El Chicano

We in the band Brotherhood are very sadden with the passing of El Chicano icon Bobby Espinosa. We learn to play music through El Chicano and got lost in the Latin Rock vibe because of them. We had the honor of playing with them several times and he was always a true mentor. His B3 Hammond sound will truly be missed and I for one will continue to keep the music of El Chicano alive by continuing to play some of their hits. Viva El Chicano and Viva Bobby Espinosa!! God bless you and your family Bobby.

New Music

Hi everyone, We are going to be adding new tunes for our next gig at the SM Moose. The songs will be danceable and some will be rockin'. We hope that you all can make it. So far we have been having a good time playing at the SM Moose. We had a good crowd at the last gig, which motivates us to keep learning more songs and make our presentation better! Hope to see you all at the gig. Moe

Brotherhood Too Jams

Hi everyone, Well, we played our first gig of the year last Friday at the Santa Monica Moose Lodge. We had a good turnout and the band played great. We all had a good time! I used a sub bass player named Danny Delgadillo that night and he did a great job for us with no rehearsal, as my regular bass player was on vacation. We are looking forward to playing as much as we can this year and thank God for the opportunity to play music. Talk to you all real soon and I looking forward to hearing from you all! Also, I hope to get Brotherhood (big band) going strong this year so be on the look out for Brotherood gigs this year. Jose